Showroom/Warehouse Pickup

About Our Showroom/Warehouse Pickup

Bodyrock now offers Showroom/Warehouse Pickup for consumer and wholesale orders. Place your order on our website and pickup your order anytime during business hours (Monday-Friday 9:00am-5:00pm PST). IMPORTANT: See instructions below prior to ordering!

Consumer Orders

IMPORTANT: Due to California law, ALL online sales must be age-verified prior to shipping or receiving. If we cannot age-verify you via our 3rd-party age verification service (Veratad), you will either need to email/text a copy of your ID (instructions will be sent via email), or bring an ID with you to pickup your order. With all online orders, we must keep a copy of your ID on file. If you cannot provide an ID or refuse to allow us to copy your ID, your order must be cancelled and refunded.

- Place your order on the website.
- Choose "Customer Pickup" for the shipping method.

- Pay via Credit Card (we do not accept cash-on-delivery payments for Consumer Orders).
- After placing your order, we will attempt to age-verify every customer via our 3rd-party age verification service.
- If you are verified, you will receive an email notifying you that your order is "Ready For Pickup", and the status of your order on the website will change from "Processing" to "Ready For Pickup".
- Visit our showroom during business hours to receive your order.
- Call us if you have any questions or need help with directions at 510-999-1301.

Wholesale Orders

Bodyrock now offers wholesale order pickup, and pick & pull product orders at our showroom. Visit us during business hours (Monday-Friday 9:00am-5:00pm PST, or earlier/later/weekends by appointment only). Call us (510-999-1301) or email us ( before your first visit for directions or information. We need your Federal Tax ID # and business information. California Tobacco License will be required to purchase ANY e-liquid/vapor products.


(Click To Zoom Map)

- Exit 880 at Davis Street in San Leandro and head west.
- Turn left into the Walmart/Home Depot/Office Depot parking lot.
- We are located in the Westgate / The Gate 510 Center above Home Depot/Burlington.
- Go up the cement ramp between Walmart & Drake's Brewery.
- Park in the VISITOR or CUSTOMER parking.
- Our showroom/pickup is located in Suite 208 (Red Section) of Westgate.
- Call us at 510-999-1301 if you need help with directions or have any questions.