Bodyrock Products does not offer a sponsorship program. Sponsorships were made illegal by the FDA when e-liquid products were classified as "tobacco products." Sending free "tobacco products" is now against the law. We do, however, offer a discounted social media Influencer Program based on past support of our products, photography quality, social media engagement, interaction, and number of followers. Currently, the Influencer Program is for Instagram only. For YouTube/Facebook Influencers, fill out the form and we will review your page for qualification.

1. Please see the guide below to see if your social media page qualifies for our Influencer Program.
2. Fill out the form below to submit your request to join the program.
3. We will review your social media followers & engagement.
4. We will contact you with a personal discount code to use for products on our website.

NOTE: If approved, you MUST submit a copy of a legal ID with proof of age (18+ ONLY / 21+ in California/Hawaii/New York)

Instagram Qualifications:

NOTE: We tend to approve:
- Instagram users who have supported our company
- Instagram users who have posted pictures of our products
- Instagram profiles with NO pictures of drug use, profanity, partial nudity, or violent posts
- Instagram profiles with high quality photography
- Profiles with high engagement and large social media following

Fill out all information below completely and accurately: