Bodyrock now offers financing through Behalf!

Bodyrock now offers financing of up to $50,000 through Behalf. Behalf is a payment tool you can use TODAY and allows you to choose your own terms on each purchase. Design a weekly or monthly payment schedule and funds will be debited from your bank account on YOUR schedule.

- Get approval and start ordering TODAY
- Affordable On-Demand Financing
- Net 30 - FREE of charge
- Financing Up To 6 Months (1-3% monthly)
- No Hidden Fees
- No Startup Costs
- We Do The Work For You!

NOTE: If you are already a Behalf user, EMAIL US and we'll get you setup to begin ordering right away!

How To Get Started:

1. Read the information below about Behalf
2. Fill out the simple form below
3. Get approved within minutes
4. Check your email, login, and connect your bank account
5. Get your order shipped out TODAY!