As of August 8th, 2016, e-liquid products became "tobacco products". As a "tobacco company", we are forbidden from sending "free tobacco products" per the FDA. There are still a few e-liquid companies sending free products, but we choose not to break the law and remain in business. We get over 500 messages a week from vapers who ask for free products. Now, we've started a program where you can EARN them through advertising our products & website! We've made it simple and easy to earn products or CASH!

We have created a Sponsorship/Affiliate Program that is within the laws governed by the FDA. With our new program, you can earn CASH, gear, and/or credit to purchase ALL of our products on our website simply by sharing on social media & referring friends. Earn shirts, hats, and e-liquid products from Bodyrock! Earn commissions from anyone who uses your custom coupon code and cash out with PayPal, or use your commissions to purchase products on our website!

Here's how it works:

1. First, you need an account on our website:

2. Next, you need to register as an Affiliate:
Fill out the information completely with your PayPal address.

3. In the AFFILIATES MENU, Click on COUPONS and create your unique and personalized coupon code to share. Your code is good for 20% off all products on our website. NOTE: You cannot use your own code to make commissions from products that you purchase - your code is to be shared with your network only.

4. Click the BANNERS & LINKS section in the affiliate menu for pictures to repost on social media (Instagram/Facebook/Google+/Email/Reddit/Message Boards/etc). Or, use any pictures from our Instagram pages (@bodyrockvapor, @totallyvapedout, @sweettoothejuice, @hard.cocktails, etc). Make sure to include your custom coupon code in all posts. You will earn 10% commission for all sales using your coupon code! Example: $500 in sales using your coupon code earns you $50.00!

5. In the AFFILIATES MENU, Click the COMMISSIONS tab to watch your commissions grow as people purchase products on our site!

6. Click the WITHDRAWALS tab to request a payment to your PayPal at any time. You can also use your commissions as credit on our website for products!

7. On your social media profiles, you can list "Sponsored By Bodyrock" or @bodyrockvapor if you like. Our website is


- You MUST be 18+ to join the program (or the legal age to vape in your area - 21+ in California/New York/Hawaii).

- Our program is open to USA vapers ONLY.

- You MUST verify your age with us before we can ship you ANY products. If you cannot be age-verified by our 3rd-party age verification system, you must submit a copy of a valid legal ID.

- We can ONLY ship products directly to you at your billing address. Products cannot be sent to other addresses or sent as gifts.

- You can post any of our product pictures from our Instagram accounts (@bodyrockvapor, @totallyvapedout, @sweettoothejuice, @hard.cocktails, @sherbetshakez, etc), or the custom graphics in the BANNERS & LINKS section in the affiliate menu.

- You can also post pictures of yourself with our products/gear. No offensive pictures that include profanity, partial nudity, drug use, or offensive material.

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